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LED Light Motion Sensor

LED Light Motion Sensor

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Brightening up your wardrobe effortlessly

  • If you seek to enhance your home's interior ambiance, quality lighting is paramount. However, achieving this efficiently poses a challenge.
  • Lighting renovations typically cause substantial disruption and lengthy delays, necessitating careful planning to attain desired outcomes promptly

Illuminate your home effortlessly

  • The LedLight Sensor is perfect for any space in your home, featuring a motion sensor that activates lights when you're present.
  • This efficient solution not only saves energy but also eliminates the need for extensive home renovations.
  • With portability and flexibility, this LED light is convenient for the kitchen, counter, closet, cabinet, stairwell, hallway, basement, workshop, garage, camping light outdoors, etc. 

4 cycle modes and excellent motion sensor

  • Press once: always on mode
  • Double press: night motion sensor mode (only at night)
  • Press three times: all-day motion sensor mode (all-day sensing is turned on regardless of day or night)
  • Press four times: turn off the light
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